Calcium Chloride is used in animal feed manufacturing. When used in cow feeding, Calcium Chloride helped in reducing incidents of milk fever and other ailments by supporting improved absorption of Calcium.

Calcium Chloride adds acidity, increasing the absorption of dietary Calcium. Milk synthesis can drain cows’ blood Calcium levels, however, when increased Calcium is available, cows can sustain their blood Calcium levels.

Calcium Chloride CaCl2 is an extremely versatile chemical compound. Its unique chemical-physical characteristics ensure it is used in a variety of applications. Some of the markets and applications for our CaCl2 FG (Calcium Chloride Food Grade) are Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy Products, Beer Production, Canned Foods, Desalination Process, as well as Beverages including electrolyte drinks and bottled water.



Application fields :

•        Animal feeding,

•        Fertilizer 

•        Food Industry

•        Oil and Gas Industry

•        Chemical ındustry , 

•        Medicine industry

•        Water Treatment  

•        De-humidification