feed grade calcium sulfate for proper bone and teeth formation, milk production and egg shell formation. Also helps in the formation of sulfur-containing amino acids such as cystin, cysteine and methionine.


Calcium Sulfate (Feed Grade Gypsum) helps to supply the calcium and sulfur requirements for many types of livestock including dairy cows and laying hens. Available in regular and coarse grinds, Calcium Sulfate (Feed Grade Gypsum):


Application fields :

  • Animal feeding ,
  • Fertilizer 
  • Construction 
  • Chemical ındustry , 
  • Medicine industry
  • Plastic and Cement industry
  • Glass, Ceramic and paper industry
  • Art and Statuary
  • Architectural Ornamentation
  • Oil and Cement Industry
  • Mineral Fiber Boards,
  • Mineral Wool